CharaChorder, a keyboard that can allow you to type upwards of 200-300 WPM with the same effort you type 60-100 wpm on a QWERTY keyboard

check out this comparison

The CEO is reportedly at 500 wpm when he tested it on typeracer, got flagged as a cheater


Yea I heard about this. But apparently its banned from typing competitions.

Well qwerty’s a dinosaur compared to this. There will be charachorder-specific competitions.

You can even code with similar speed. This thing’s golden.

I can’t even read 100 wpm :sob::sob::sob:

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If you’re limited to data entry stuff I think this type of research-research into learning more efficient and ergonomic keyboards is worth the effort because you can work faster or reduce repetitive strain.

I don’t know about this specific product but I do recommend it if you are doing data entry style stuff where typing is important.

I’ve been born and bred on qwerty and honestly I don’t think I want to learn a new one just because personally its not going to improve much of anything for me and cheap keyboards are what I use.

I do think eventually they’ll transition office workers and the kids learning to type to something other then qwerty just like how people say they’ll transition us off of imperial and onto metric.

I think voice to text is the future. I’m making a job reporting app with voice to text


This is good for casual use. Qwerty keyboards are clunky.

The two halves of the CharaChorder can even be tilted at an ergonomic angle for even less wrist strain.

Did someone steal your account?

These ergomatic keyboard sellers are a dime a dozen. They’re are hundreds of designs.

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Typing at a flat tilt for hours a day is bad for your wrists. Carpal tunnel city.

If they are closer to 90 degrees, like where wrists are when they rest at your sides, they are far kinder to the tendons.

And no my account wasn’t stolen. I am not affiliated with them either.

I passed both of my typing classes. Idk about this software.nid try and see.


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