In eac oter piont out our qualties wat makes you appy in te oter person


point out tere benefits about tereselfs

Oh boy. My eyes are bulging. My poor eyes.


Otter person:
download (17)


makin lite of my treads and mockin falls back on you

Here is a nice goat for you


boil ur ead …ass

just kidding pedro…look forward to your new laptop so we can understand you again. When someone is wearing a clown suit, expect some people to laugh.

Lol i dont even try to read it. I just want to poke the bear :sweat_smile:

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Boil ur bread…bass.

Heres one more goat


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insult or not?


in some people

I was pointing out, that when your keyboard typing is funny because of bad keys some people find it amusing. It was an analogy. I wasn’t calling you a clown, but comparing the situations.

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I’ll stop however, if it bothers you

Pdro rlax wez jus pleyin okiezzz

i accept myself 100% i luv meself

am knd of cute


When does the laptop arrive

my week maybe am still appy atm

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The weather’s gorg

its 0 in te fire and 90c in te cold

Soz i can’t understand u