Certain album has me trapped somehow

It’s “in the court of the crimson king” by King Crimson. ever since I ordered it about a month ago every night as time goes by I listen to this album. the songs are haunting and the title of the very first song on the album is called “21st century schizoid man”…the artwork on the album is meant to be enhancing to being high and I associate this record with that act. no, I am not high when I listen to the record but it makes me want to and that is a bad thing because I have swore off buying weed anymore. should I give the album away?

Yeah, any music can give someone a high, especially if you’ve got a passion for it. I’ve never actually heard any of King Crimson’s music, though I’ve heard of them. Maybe try listening to something more lush and soothing to abate wanting to use.

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Destroy the album

Maybe you could pack it away somewhere like in the garage, basement or attic or let a family member hold onto it for safe keeping.

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I would get rid of it, not worth keeping if it’s distressing you that much. I’ve heard of that song. Bad Religion did a song in (I think) the early 90s called “21st Century Digital Boy,” taking from that title. Anyway, I got myself off track there, but yeah, that album is probably not worth keeping if it’s more problem-causing than it is soothing.

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I used to be entranced by anything Radiohead put out. Not as much these days but I like their newer song " burn the witch". it is musically copmlex

Is king crimson progressive rock or classci rock?

King Crimson is classic rock…in the court of the crimson king came out in about 1967 or so…concept album big time…now that I’m out of weed it kind of comforts me to listen to the album. I am torn about it.

I know who King Crimson is, I had an album of theirs in high school. I understand your position completely. I have a “Dark Side of the Moon” CD in my car. Sometime I get a little scared to play it because it brings up so many memories of listening to it after smoking pot or during an acid trip and I am afraid it will tempt me to do drugs or start reminiscing about the drug and drinking days, I have to be careful when I play it because as a recovering addict I have to be wary of anything that has to do with drugs.

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I feel ya on this @jukebox, music has a way of changing my mood sooo fast. It can send me right back to where I was before when I listened to a song.
Some albums I just can’t play, but I stashed them away for safekeeping should the time be right to play them again.
Other songs seem ‘tainted’ from all the emotions that came from the songs, and I know I would never voluntarily play them again.
I do know though, that you can ‘desensitize’ yourself eventually from the emotions involved by playing them over and over in a different - healthy- environment, but I wouldn’t recommended doing this alone, or in the early stages of recovery.

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@Csummers the album is like a womb, I crawl inside of it and just stay calm. but it’s also depressing. very depressing. I have decided not to listen to it anymore.