Not really related, but I got a 96 on my chemistry exam and I am just OVERWHELMED with relief and happiness right now. I was so worried over this exam I was loopy all this week and hadn’t been sleeping and it’s all turned out for the better!



Chemistry is hard!! Congratulations.

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Congrats, when I was in the university, chemistry was not one of my favorite studies, but later in my life I have learned I should have studied more chemistry. Congrats once again.

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Very big congratulations… 96 is a great grade… :star: :thumbsup:

Keep up the hard work.

I’m in Chem 101 right now… I feel like I’m struggling. It’s the lab work… (kill’en me here)

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Congrats Anna! Now you deserve some Benn Jerry`s ice cream in your fav. flavor!
Very proud for you!