4.0 All A's


Well, I just got my official grades in. I got all A’s! No A minuses or anything like that. And this while I was having extremely intrusive thoughts. There were a couple of classes that I was worried about, but no need to worry. I am very happy about this. This is my first semester at this school. I am starting with a clean slate, as all of my community college classes are graded as transfer. Maybe I can pull off a 4.0 for the entire time I am there. That is what I am hoping for anyway.


Well done CarolineC!


I’m happy for u! U should buy me a drink!


Congrats, Caroline! This is great news and an awesome achievement on your part!

You should celebrate :slight_smile:




Hey, Congratulations on the 4.0. Very well done. Enjoy the break between semesters, you deserve it.


Good going @CarolineC way to go! Getting straight A’s while going through SZ symptoms is a real accomplishment, congratulations


Excellent. Your family should take you out for dinner at a nice restaurant. :fork_and_knife: :wine_glass:


wow, that is amazing and going through everything that you experience. you are amazing.
take care


Way to go…


Congratulations – that’s excellent!!


Awesome! U go girl! :smiley:


I got mine back too, 4.0 as well! Feels good to be awesome, doesn’t it? I met another schizophrenic guy at my school through a peer in the honors psych program and he called me “the pride of the ■■■■■■ up” when I told him my grades, lol

We’re both the pride of the ■■■■■■ up. I took 3 xanax with alcohol 6 hours before two back to back finals and still made A’s, my psychologist was like “damn” when I told him today


best news possible… you go girl…


Great news!

I think I remember what you felt about starting school!


That is awesome, keep up the good work


Thank you all for the warm congratulations.

I asked my dad about this and he asked my mom… no nice dinner until the financial situation is better.

Congratulations on your grades too!!

That’s impressive. I don’t think I could do that.


that is fantastic…hopjing the best of everything for you


Yes, I was terrified!! But it all worked out for the best. :smile:


Excellent, keep going.


Caroline congrats congrats. that’s really fine work. what is your field of study?