Cbd ? Should I try it

Should I try it for insomnia and anxiety has anyone here tried it and had success with it

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I found it habit forming.

Actually it’s a problem for me.


probably the thc m8. pure cbd does not much at all for me while when i smoke “hemp” flower i end up doing it every day until i get symptomatic. i think its messed up how people actually believe its under 0.3% thc. at first lab test would show 0.2% delta 9 thc and about 0.7thca which is convert to delta 9 thc when heated. now i notice even on the same products the lab results have been changed to being conveniently right under 0.3 total thc right after the fda clarified that its 0.3% total thc and not just delta 9. im sure they are mostly fake labs so they can sell high cbd weed.

im surprised its still a grey area. probably because the majority of people think weed is harmless. i dont think cbd is bad but i think faking lab results and selling products with more thc than legally allowed is kinda shady

I tried a low dose of cbd. I think it promoted calmness in me. Unfortunatly it’s illegal here for the time being. But I would like to test it more.

Most people don’t know this but CBD is very hard on your liver.
It’s also over rated in my opinion.
And high quality CBD is extremely expensive.

My father stopped using high quality CBD because after a while it was no longer making his chronic pain better and it was just too expensive.
1 small bottle of capsules was costing him $95 monthly.

If you ask me it’s expensive snake oil.

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I relate very heavily to the topic of insomnia.

I just fixed it in me, by striking down one solitary med in my cocktail.

I no longer take Wellbutrin but am on Lexapro.

I’m also on haldol, seroquel, benzteopine(to prevent tongue thrusting) I believe from the Haldol.

And I’m on two blood pressure meds.

Just listing it all to illustrate I was on too many meds.

I thought maybe this is a universal type issue that evolves for us often…!

Also relevant is my sleep prior did improve a couple smidges when I stopped taking the vitamin D supplements and multi-vitamin.

I may circle back to the latter as a test, bc of Covid… maybe this helps.

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