CBD Cannibidiol Experience. Anyone have experience with low doses?

Has anyone been successful with feeling better by using a few Dixie Drops per day?

I would try it but I don’t know where to find it. I live in TN and anything cannabis related is so not legal here. I have heard that in Europe it has been tested for efficacy and is on par with US FDA approved anti-psychotics, with minimal, virtually no side effects. But my orthodox meds have me doing pretty well so I dont exactly wish I could try it, I would just be open to it.

Can you tell me which medications you are currently on that are working for you?

Geodon, Xanax and Propanolol, a blood pressure and anti-anxiety medication.

I have experienced a positive shift in my moods and a reasonable reduction in anxiety using a HempVap e pen which contains CBD oil. It is costly importing it into the UK but I will definitely restock.


I have found articles recently talking about CBD having an inverted u shaped dosing curve, meaning too little equals no effect, too much and it can cause an exacerbation of symptoms. This makes it tricky to adjust usage to find the ‘sweet spot’ at first. Also the duration of effect is approximately 2 hours so redosing is easier with a fully portable unit.

Overall, administering CBD to the lungs is the most effective method I have found so far even with only 50mg of CBD per cartomizer and keeps me from smoking too many of the pesky woodbines.

The CBD from Dixie is not designed to vape due to glyceren content. Glycerin causes headaches but they are coming out with a vape oil later this year.


I am glad your helpvap is helping a little.

Where did you get your Hempvap?

No Dixie drops but I have sampled various strains of cbd rich pot, the r4 and ac/dc to be specific. r4 did wonders for everything including mood, motivation, and a better sense of self. My hair even began to grow back! Had high hopes for ac/dc but I did not have results as I did with the r4. Waiting for greenwerkz to re-supply their r4 hash oil, then I will make the 1000 mile trek back to Denver to sample it. Check out my blog for more on cbd and sz: http://cbdpush.com

Hi Ming, thanks, yeah I got the HempVap direct from the US site- I posted the link in my previous post :smiley:

Cbdpush- I can only dream of being able to try R4, at least if the seeds were available to just buy and not via US dispensaries I’d wait for the UK to legalise (as if) and then grow them!

can you get in touch with me.

If you’re gonna sign up just to score some weed, at least use a private message. That stuff is still illegal in most places and this isn’t a forum for dealing illegal drugs.


Your criticism and judgements are inappropriate on this forum. I can see you are not interested in CBD
but for everyone else who is I would say keep researching it because it may turn out to be the most effective treatment option.

To all who want this therapy but cannot get access to it, due to the current laws, I urge you to write your legislator and request legalization for medicinal marijuana.

My brother’s psychiatrist and I were talking about it and she said to be sure and watch CNN on Tuesday, March 11, 2014. She said this CNN report with Sanjay Gupta would include schizophrenia.

If only high CBd strains very widely available. This would cure my desire to consume cannabis and act as an antipsychotic. I dream of the day this stuffs available

Is hemp oil the same thing as CDB oil? I saw hemp oil for sale in Walmart. It was mixed in with the other oils - olive oil, coconut oil, vegetable oil, etc.

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