Cats don't like hamburger meat?

I ran out of cat food on Christmas eve and couldn’t get any today since almost all stores are closed. I decided to give the cats hamburger meat today instead. I thought it would be a nice Christmas treat for them, since they normally only eat dry cat food. Instead of gobbling up the hamburger meat as I expected, all 3 of the cats just sniffed it, turned up their noses and walked off. WTF?!?

Do your cats dislike hamburger meat also?

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My cat likes curry. The one I make anyway. His mother liked banana and ribs, maybe together who knows.
Picci likes that meat. I made cheeseburguers the other night and he was happy to ask for some.

My cat will not eat anything but Meow Mix sea food medley dry cat food. I’ve put out tuna for her when she was hungry, and she barely touched it. A lot of cats are like that. They get used to only one type of food, and they’ll hardly eat anything different.

We have a few cats. Most of them are very picky and only eat certain foods. We have 1 cat that comes running every time i go in the kitchen to prepare something for myself. She will eat everything.

Mine won’t eat it raw, only cooked with a bit of salt. Should have named her Morris.


My cat would never eat hamburger or beef.
But tuna, fish or just the smell yes.
But usual was meow mix.

When i used to have cats they would practically eat anything like a dog. Never tried hamburger meat but one time a fed them a little pork and they enjoyed it

Yeah, crimby is right. Cats are finicky eaters and once they’re used to one food it takes them awhile to get used to another. You know this if you’re ever switched brands of cat food or different flavors of dry foods. When you switch brands or flavors or types of dry food you don’t just take away the food they’re used to one day and set out a bowl of the new food.

A vet will tell you that wean them off of the old food by gradually setting out a bowl of their old food mixed in with a bit of the new. You feed them the exact same amount but you would put maybe 4/5 of the old food mixed with 1/5 of the new the first day, and the second day you put out 3/5 of the old food mixed in with 2/5 of the new food and so on. Sorry, I didn’t mean to expound so much on this subject. I just remember this from when I had my own cat several months ago. Dogs are more likely to gobble down different food than cats.

My oldest cat of 17 years will eat literally anything in front or her, she was raised on only dry food until about 6 years ago when we acquired 4 more kittens (all siblings) 6 years ago.
The 4 kittens got dry and wet food, and can be very particular about what they eat. One won’t touch meat of any kind, nor eat any type of treats.
Then the newest one, a 6 month old kitten (I found on a busy industrial street when she was barely 4 weeks old) this monster eats anything I eat, including toast, lettuce, carrots, french fries, and nuts.
Funny a few people mentioned meow mix, that what all 6 eat as the dry staple.

Our 3 outdoor cats eat the bargain brand dry and whatever scraps from dinner mixed in, they are more than grateful for anything they get.


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