Casein of milk and schizophrenia

When I was a teenager , I drank a lot of milk. And I diagnosed schizophrenia in 18 years old. Nowadays I watched a youtube about casein of milk. The youtuber said
That casein could cause schizophrenia. I seached a relationship between casein and schizophrenia and I don’t find a exact evidence that casein cause schizophrenia.
Do you know about casein can cause schizophrenia?
I want your opinion.


Do you honestly think casein rich milk is singular cause of schizophrenia?

Genes, environment, psycho-social factors, life experiences all influence it to some extent. It is not just diet.

Lot of kids drink milk growing up. I am sure breast milk has casein in it as well.

Milk is considered a complete meal for kids. Containing almost each essential macronutrient and many micronutrients. There would have been more patients if it was major cause of schizophrenia.


I think it’s dangerous to believe random people on YouTube.


Schizophrenia also exists in non milk drinking countries.

Don’t believe idiots on YouTube.


Just drink all the milk you can. But avoid for Gods sake
Alcohol because this drug is very harmful for schizophrenics
Alcohol worsens the corse of your illness very much
Because it prohibits meds from working and makes your
Brain fry so that you will feel more and more miserable
as time goes bye. Alcohol can kill you if you are in schizophrenic spectrum. I quit alcohol 20 years ago and
that’s the only reason why I’m still alive today.