Case report: Olanzapine-associated water retention, high blood pressure, and


We urgently need KarXT to hit the market. We cannot continue with the conventional antipsychotics of the 1960s. Our quality of life will improve significantly, I am sure.

yes olanzapine is wild in terms of what it does physically. i looked like a blowfish when i started it, hands like mickey mouse gloves, not to mention i gained 180 lbs and just barely avoided diabetes. my switch to invega has been revolutionary as im losing weight and less bloated while seemingly having improvements to my mental health and functioning

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I am happy for you. I do not respond to current antipsychotics, they cause depression and suicidal thoughts. That is why I am looking forward to the KarXT medication since it has another mechanism of action. For example, KarXT does not cause weight gain or cholesterol or triglyceride problems. It will be an important advance for those of us who have psychosis.


The med im on called clopixol it doesn’t cause weight gain but its impossible for me to lose any weight on it, very frustrating :triumph: all the meds affect me with side affects its just something i have to accept and live with because without anything im totally a mess. Now i guess im more stable but still have trouble with thoughts, i can’t feel much, anhedonia

I was on 20 mg olanzapine, and general doctor said I had high triglycerides and blood sugar. I talked with my psychiatrist and she said I didn’t have a lot of medication options as olanzapine was the best option (it did really help mentally), but she did say I could try loxapine. She gave me 150 mg loxapine and I had the worst restless legs it was so uncomfortable. I told her and she said if it continues next time we meet she would prescribe gabapentin. I couldn’t wait it was just too bad. So in September I quit meds and trying natural ways of coping. I noticed I am drinking daily and some symptoms are starting to recur so I am hoping this forum offers some good coping strategies. I really hope I don’t have to go back on zyprexa.

Ducky the reason why I cannot shed some weight is because of the qutiapine not the Clopixol. Clopixol only cause some muscle rigidity for which I take 2 Akineton anticolinergic :pill: pills

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