Case manager meeting went well

I met my new case manager she was nice. She said she doesn’t think we will qualify for housing assistance becausey partner makes too much. But she said, " I noticed when you talk about your bearded dragon or your frog you became very lively and your face lit up".

Because of the incident at the local pharmacy she wants me to think about going through a mail order pharmacy


Excellent work , surviving the Caseworker. Mine is pretty cool so far as well. Just take your time and be yourself best advice .

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She is taking me to the local hospital next week. To get my ankle X-ray done. Then she said she can even come with to the appointment with the doctor who put the metal in my ankle she said alot of her clients don’t like going to doctors alone.


My Case Manager takes me to the doctors all the time.
Good luck @cbbrown!
Glad you liked your case manager!


wow @cbbrown you are really taking care of yourself…I am so glad you liked your case manager.


Definitely a good Case Manager then . I’m happy for you.

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It’s nice to have people on your side. Good for you.

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