Carl Jung, Dream Imagery and Archetypes

I am doing a lot better today. The feelings and thoughts have passed. What helped me when in the past I was experiencing mental and psychological confusion about existence was to read philosophy textbooks. I like Carl Jung’s interpretation of coincidences most of all–how people’s dreams and beliefs can be common in groups, often influenced heavily by cultural icons social traditions and what he calls archetypes. I think archetypes are the symbols for common belief structures or symbols for ideas that are commonly shared.

Like the “Knight in Shining Armor” coming to rescue the “Innocent Princess” from the “Deadly destructive dragon” and then in another culture, in another continent, maybe it was the “Dragon with the powers to come rescue the bad princess from an evil King that trapped her in his tower.” you get the point, I’m reading a few books I got online on amazon. I realize that often I think Im the only one who has dreamed about a character or novel idea.

Like think about this: in 2012 the bookstores were full of new age stuff and that made up thing about 2012 and the Mayan calander. And then there was that other common belief about rapture but I wont go into that only in context that there are popular fads and they can catch on quickly. I think it is relevant to have a place to express the importance of noticing collective symbols, but also how being an indiviudal you have the choice to be productive and and help others.

I am taking five classes next semester. Decided to go for as much I can handle. general social work, more psych classes, etc. I am working toward either an associates in human services or addictive studies certificate. I dont know what i can do with the addictive studies certificate but I think I could help save lives and be a good role model to suffering addicts and I have made progress, the problem or only issue for me–Is I am better as a “non addict” or not calling myself an addict than going to NA meetings and saying “I am an addict” so did this somehow reinforce my belief i cant help my addiction if I became powerless to a higher power in NA to control me and somehow save me from addiction?

Same issue with labels like schizophrenia, people are not often given chances to express fully their desire to recover and live full free lives. If more intergration and stuff could happen and more places for people to share experiences with the label itself–maybe less self stigma and less stigma about medications. My dad says to forget the label and take medication for symptoms like you would take a pill for a headache or cold, you arent the cold you arent the headache u are treating symptoms schizophrenia just has lasting symptoms that are harder to treat.

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I find Young’s deception of the Animus and the Anima fascinating. When I described my experience in a coma to a co-workers, he immediately said you met your Anima. That has stuck with me for 20 years

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