I bought Carl Jung's Collected Works

Kindle edition. I figured since I read him a lot i may as well have access to all of it. Now I can search for terms i want to read about and see a list of all mentions.

I’m thinking about a career in psychology as perhaps a researcher. I think I have good insight on general into the psyche and how and why it fractures. I’ve actually been there.


That’s awesome . Does Jung talks about demons ?


Carl Jung has some interesting views, as I remember. I like the idea of archetypes and all that. I dunno much about it, but good for you. Reference material is one of my favorite things to read.


Have u started working @Nomad…???


We prob shouldn’t talk of that here, pm me if ur curious. He has a psychological take on that stuff

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Been working 40 hour weeks for almost two months now helping manage a website. How are u far cry


Hey nomad i am glad u are working already… i am in the same gutter…!!! Haha have a lovely morning…

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That is Awesome!!

I’m a big fan of Jung and his work.

I’ve only read Memories, Dreams and Reflections. But I own that one a few other notable titles by him.

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