Carers Duties

I have schizophrenia, my husband has been my carer for 5 years, after a year he sent me to work 60 hours a week in his business. He has only worked a few days in the last 3 years. I am tired, he tells me he no longer loves me, but wants me to stay working so he can support our 13 year old son. How can I get out of this situation. We have lived apart for two and half years… he says he may want me back in 5 years… I am confused!


sounds like he is using you badly.

maybe your pdoc could guide you out of this one.

my opinion just but maybe i am right.


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Sounds like you need a break, maybe you can apply for disability in your country? That way you can receive money and not work, or maybe find another job with less hours, that sounds like too much.

Don’t let him use you for his benefit, if he doens’t want to be with you, he doesn’t, he can’t use you.

Good luck!

You shouldn’t have to take that. He might want you back in five years? Let him find some other slave to run his business.