Over work mom/ son and my brother with schizophrenia

Don’t have any strength to take care of brother and son…been taking care of brother sent 1977 and my son from 2000…don’t want to leave them…need help…

Wow, I guess more needs to be done in our area of self-sufficiency. I don’t have that problem. What can you do to make him more independent?

You could check to see if through your local mental health clinic if they can be signed up for clubhouse or groups that teach efficiency. Or it could at least be a place to go for a few hours.

is there a carer support group in your area…?
is there a respite centre ?
mrs. sith has a carer assist person she can ring for support.
carers are the forgotten heroes :trophy:
know some one cares :heart:
take care :alien:

There seems to be on in every state.

Helped my mom and my sister a lot… got me plugged into other resources…