Car had 666 next 2 motorcycle with Jesus on guys jacket

Happened 4 years ago. I think it was a hallucination or a coincidence I gave meaning to when there was none. How to tell if hallucination? The spouse was driving the car and I pointed it out but this coincidence had no effect on him. I had been hearing voices for awhile at this point and believed they were real and asked the sky if I was forgiven. It seemed like it answered me with this event and then I was told through the spouse as if someone else’s was talking through him that it was galactic entanglement and that I had nothing to worry about. This is after I looked up the word redeemed which was on the guys jacket on the motorcycle with a picture of Jesus and I thought I was told don’t bank on it from some ad on the page I was looking at. Now years later I’m thinking this whole thing was just schizophrenia crap and the delusion/hallucination playing both ends. Anyway I’m still going to hell according to the voices.

Co incidence can be your worst enemy. Sz and related disorders are such because of differences in perception. Your brain tricks you to giving meaning to things that are most likely totally random. Even then you’ll find some mysterious links because it’s just how it progresses.

I’ve found that finding meds that work for you eases the burden…

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If you ever drive past a navy blue late model Chevy Impala with a license plate that says VL4DTH3 and has this on the trunk lid…


…wave hi. That’s me.

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LoL that’s funny mr squirrel.

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