Can't sleep....want to talk

who else is up right now? want to talk a while.

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Happy upcoming 57th!’re only a handful of years older than me.

I can’t sleep tonight either.

I’m on holidays this week but there was a problem with my wife’s paycheck, so we’re broke. I hate it when I have no money to do stuff when I’m off…it sucks.

These days, I actually have to save up just to be broke. You wanna lose your shirt in a hurry? Have kids! Dang they’re expensive.

yes…I am fortunate that I never had children…I could never afford that…glad you’re here to talk to me @PatrickT

I can’t sleep been having a tough day. How are you doing?

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I am doing well. sorry you’re having a rough day. in the wee hours of the night I get a lot of thinking done…almost pay day thank God.

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Yeah I’m having bad anxiety right now trying to fight it off!

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You still up @jukebox? I can’t sleep either.

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yes !! good to hear from you @Csummers I haven’t seen you on here in forever !! how are you dear?

@Longhorn21 I beat a panic disorder…anxiety is just a mind game…you have to learn to ignore the fear of anxiety and it will all go away…takes practice.

@jukebox yeah I’ve gone from anxiety to paranoid can’t calm down

@Longhorn21 try taking deep slow breaths in and out…and focus on something in your hand like a pebble or a painting on the wall…I hope that helps !!

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@jukebox okay i’ll Try

Time keeps running out on me, spining my wheels but going nowhere.

Was speed cleaning my house (10 minutes) because my mother had called me to say my brother just left her house and was on his way over to my house-

was rushing out the back door to toss a bag of trash - and what do I hear?
kittens crying!

Found this little cutie in my back yard:


awww…such a sweet little kittie…are you going to keep it? how’s your life in CA? Why are you not on here anymore? or have I just been missing your posts??

My headache is keeping me awake so its 2am and I can’t sleep. Watching “colony” on Netflix. Thinking I need a bite to eat.

@FatMama do you have a lot of tension in your back and neck? a physical therapist taught me a trick to “pinch” the collar muscle on your shoulders and it fixes headaches…it’s supposed to be done by another person behind you pinching both muscles at the same time but you can fix yourself with your right hand pinching your left collar muscle and your left hand pinching your right collar muscle…I hope this helps…I feel helpless for you…I am very sad lately about what is happening with you.

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I’d love to keep this kitty, but I still have 5 indoor only cats, and feeding 4 outside only cats.
It takes a lot of time, but I’d bet I will end up keeping it.

I just keep running out of time- too much to do and not enough time in a day anymore.
I’ll try to get on here more…
What’s up in your neck of the woods?
How come you can’t sleep?

I’m back…ducked out for a coffee. I like driving in the wee hours when nobody is around. It calms me down.

Cute kitty, @Csummers! :slight_smile:

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@Csummers just waiting for payday…broke as usual…nothing really new…we got a new puppy and Angie has been training it in a wire cage at night to keep it from messing up the house at night…such a good doggie…should be an exciting month for me because everyone all my friends and family celebrate my birthdays with me. 57 on the 16th…how did I get so old???

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Thank you for always being so kind :blush:
I’ll try the neck pinch. I’ve tried massaging my temples but it hasn’t really helped. I just need to see my dr not just a walk in clinic dr.

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