Can't register for Winter classes

I went to register online and it says I am blocked for some reason. The English class I want to get into is almost full and it’s Friday. Argh! Hopefully someone can answer the phone or help me tomorrow but doubtful since it will be Saturday. I didn’t get into English last quarter and if I miss it this quarter because of some bonehead computer issue, I’m gonna cry. CRAP!

Is there a hold on your registration??

Maybe try doing it in person?

I just figured it out. I see a small note in my online profile that says I have to see an advisor first. It says I have an ‘advisor hold’. It’s a required apt. Boy, I wish I would have done that sooner :frowning: Hopefully, I can still make it into my class. sheeesh

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What are you taking next quarter? I’m tryin’ to get into Math and English. Basics.

Taking a class called The Spanish-Speaking World: Cultural Crossings


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Oh fun! Ya, today is the first day for Winter registration with my school and the class I want is already 5 away from being full. SUCKS! I’m going to end up taking a class at 5pm or some ridiculous BS. I need to get it out of the way though

I used to be able to do the advisor meeting by email. We didn’t have to meet in person except for the initial appt. Maybe you can do this as it is.

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