Cant get this out of my head

are we just fertilizer? it is making me depressed and my head is sort of stuck on this,
it keeps coming into my head :frowning:

No. We are the roses among the weeds! :wink:


no, fertilizers can’t use forums…


at the end of the day we are just fertilizer

f e r t i l i z e r :frowning:

we live and then die and ■■■■ whats the point

so i’m going to be a big pile of manure

You are 100% human, not plant food!

and then i die and ■■■■

We all die one day. I know that’s depressing, but I like to think of it like this: my body helps the planet when I’m buried. It nourishes everything until there is nothing left to give. To me, that’s beautiful, but I’m also an organ donor for the same reasons. I know that’s not a comfort for everyone, and I’m sorry it’s so upsetting for you. :frowning: It can be hard to get over the idea of death and concerns about meaningfulness of one’s life.

yeah but its ■■■■■■■ depressing
all i will be remembered for is a pile of ■■■■

Who knows if we die.

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I doubt that is true. You will be remembered as a person, not a pile of crap.

i wont be remembered i will be forgotten very quickly

Nobody can disprove or prove the existence of the afterlife. Not believing in it is the same as believing in it. It’s a faith based decision.

If it makes you feel better then believe in it. Personally I’m open minded about it. I’m 50/50 about it.


i dont understand this

I.e. it’s a personal decision.

Nobody can say they believe in it because they have absolute proof that it exists.

Likewise nobody can say they have proof that it doesn’t exist.

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who cares with what people believe in anyway
most people talk absolute ■■■■ anyway
and who cares about proof? who needs proof anyway?
do you need to prove absolutely everything you do? i dont think so so why does everybody need everything to be proven?
i think people are scared of the unknown and llok at science to explain everything when science isnt the truth
science is very boring and it doesnt ask the most important questions of life, not saying it doesnt help but it is not the ultimate answer to everything

L+D=F :frowning: what about L+D=NL

fertilizer is the easy way to explain it, its the simple persons answer, an answer for the ignorant, stubborn, and someone whos very closed minded, no imagination, they dont look beyond what is in front of them, fail to see the other side a bit like a one sided coin :frowning: unfeeling, unsympathetic, dire.
sorry for the rant but

why does it need to be the end?

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" In one of his books Mindsight, Dr. Ring investigated 31 blind people who had near-death-experiences and or out-of-body experiences. 80% of the respondents claimed that they were able to see when out of their bodies, even those who were congenitally blind (blind from birth). Congenitally blind people don’t even have a concept of sight; they only dream in audio."

“Second, Near Death Experiencers report finding their consciousness expanding outside the boundaries of their bodies. They say that the feeling is like taking off a tight shoe or an uncomfortable suit of armor. They report that this experience is much more real than waking reality.”

“Thousands of documented cases prove that NDErs can see and report accurately on what happened to their bodies, in or out of the hospital, when they were clinically dead, with no brain waves and in cardiac arrest.”

“This case cannot be explained by temporal-lobe seizure activity, because brain waves were continuously monitored. It cannot be explained by reconstruction based on overheard conversations during the operation, because the molded speakers in her ears blocked out any possible hearing, and her brainstem responses showed absolutely no response to auditory stimulation. It cannot be explained by reconstruction based on observations before and after she was anesthetized, because she accurately described people, equipment, and events that were not observable to her either before or after the procedure.”

Whew. Okay the article is really long and I’m too tired at the moment to keep reading/pasting more.

Science that denies an afterlife is not really being ‘mean’ as much as it is people are just doing what they think is right.

We’re not fertilizer. I mean, look at what has happened with Barbara Streisand cloning her dead dog. None of the dogs have the original dog’s personality or other defining characteristics that could convince her (or haven’t convinced her as of yet).

I know if I cloned my dog, there would be no likeness to the original and I would not be fooled. I would know it’s not him.

Identical twins also tend not to be identical despite having the ‘same genes’.

Anyway, most people are just doing what they think is right. That includes people who don’t believe in an afterlife because they think it equates to irresponsibility to this life/world. Though from what I’ve seen it seems to fuel the opposite in behavior… Lots of anxiety and restlessness from listening to that side for a long time.

"Consciousness precedes, is more primary than and animates matter, space and time”


thankyou again @Genbu i really appreciate you taking the time to research this and write this very kind response, you must be a very caring person.
i think this is very interesting indeed and i suppose the next question ahs to be about what happens after near death experiences but i guess it could never be answered as no one person has ever came back from the dead to tell the tale.

whos to say what is right and wrong anyway i suppose

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Even if someone came back there would be no proof.

you cant come back from the dead anyway but i imagine that if someone did come back from the dead no-one would believe him and say he is crazy and that he wasnt dead in the first place, call him a liar and ■■■■


I try.

It’s a big part of the reason I don’t sleep well anymore lol.

“Despite the fact that most scientists will tell you there is absolutely no proof for telepathy and or telekinesis, there are now hundreds of studies proving consistently and scientifically over the past three decades that the human “mind” can influence random number generators.

Uh-oh! LOL

“In addition, proving that higher states of consciousness, including NDE’s, can be accessed chemically and biologically does not prove that those states (a higher dimension) cannot independently exist without a biological connection. This real and dramatic transformation only comes when one is actually approaching death.”

“Fourth, the vast majority of NDErs experience a dramatic shift in their behavior, personalities and beliefs. No other human experience of any kind causes such a dramatic and permanent transformation. As an example, a Mafia hit man, who had killed seven people previously, now only gives speeches about his NDE. When in his back yard, he tries very hard to avoid stepping on ants. Once we have a direct experience of the ONEness of Life, there is no longer any fear of being alone or separate or dying.”