Cannabis oil treatment

I would put this under medication, but the last time I did, it took two weeks to get a reply on the med topic…

I have stopped taking my Latuda, not because I want to, but because I puke it up every time now that I am out of my anti nausea prescription, and over the counter measures are not enough.

My shrink is looking for something new to treat me with, but, we have literally tried everything, and all the meds that didn’t make me suicidal or manic, have stopped working.

She has suggested that she will look into cannabis oil, to treat my depression, which is the strongest of my symptoms, but I am worried that it may cause issues at work, because while my boss has no issue with medical cannabis use, I work with heavy machinery, and that just seems dangerous. I could see using it on days when I don’t work, or days when its so bad I cant think straight, but to use it everyday?

I know that smoking ‘pot’ can be bad for SZ, but I also know they make cannabis oils that don’t have the hallucinogenic aspect, and only have the chemical that causes mellow mood and ‘dopey’ mentality.

Does anyone here have any experience with these kinds of treatments? I am literally out of options at this point, beyond getting experimental brain surgery in Mexico…(some Mexican doctor is saying he cured mental illness with a high voltage charge directly to a patients brain…)

Have you tried any of the first generation meds (Haldol, Prolixin, Trilafon, etc)? Sometimes when new stuff doesn’t work, an oldie will do the trick. Throw the kitchen sink at it.


I tried those first, Haldol made me go into a three week psychosis… Prolixin made me suicidal, and Trilafon caused an allergic reaction that almost killed me. The other older meds made me sick as hell, except one, but that one made me so lethargic and numb I couldn’t stand it and tried to kill myself.

What the Mexican doctor I’m curious about that?

I didn’t look at the article much, but if you google it you find out that the only reason the patient had improvement from their BP was because they were essentially lobotomized without actually scrambling the brain physically. So yes they were no longer depressed and having mood swings, but they became a zombie…

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Actually - you don’t want “cannabis oil” which suggests relatively high THC content. You might instead look at CBD oil - which is a cannabis derivative without the THC content. Here are some articles - unfortunately I think the FDA is cracking down on the companies that sell it because its inline to be released by a drug company that is launching a new product based on this. More details below:

and here is the company developing the new drug based on CBD:

more info:

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I may have misheard her, she just said Cannabis oil, but she may have meant this, she said there had been promising studies of it.

It has very low THC content - so you wouldn’t have to worry about being buzzed/ stoned while operating heavy equipment.

that would be awesome, because I hate being un medicated, but I wont go back to being a zombie or suicidal