Canadian study on Schizophrenia looking for participants

I don’t know if this will apply to or be of interest to the Canadians here, but I know there are some Canadians on this website so I thought I would throw this out there in case you are interested in participating. CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health) is doing a research study. There are some specific requirements though, details below.


For schizophrenia patients, each day can be a new struggle to concentrate, remember things, or make decisions.

If you or someone you know is being treated for schizophrenia, learn about this study of an investigational medication that is taken with your current treatment to potentially help improve cognitive symptoms.

To be eligible to participate in this study, you must:

Be a patient of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Be 18 to 50 years of age
Have been diagnosed with schizophrenia
Have not been hospitalized for worsening of your schizophrenia in the last 3 months
Be currently taking medication for your schizophrenia
Meet other study criteria

All study-related visits, tests, and drugs will be provided at no cost. In addition, reimbursement for study-related travel may be provided.

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I dont meet this requirement:

Be a patient of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

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Yeah, I’m not a patient of theirs either, and I have never dealt with them but if you’re interested maybe give CAMH a call and ask to become a patient for the purposes of this study. It might be as simple as adding you to a database of patients, then meet a pdoc that works there.

Anyways it’s good to see they are researching potential medications for negative symptoms of schizophrenia instead of just another medication for positive symptoms. I don’t remember hearing about something like this before.

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Not really interested in being a lab rat, but I would be interested in taking a drug after trials are successful that improve cognition.

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