Can you think outside the box?

I’ve been thinking about the origins of quotes/sayings, how over time they change or loose their meanings, similar to a game of Chinese whispers throughout the ages…

These are my new interpretations

Nice guys finish last - Letting a female finish first when having sex.

My body is a temple - The temple on your head one swift blow to the temple and your body shuts down with it.

Cross my heart and hope to die - do not cross my heart because you will regret it.

Mother of God - God has parents.

These are just some little sayings I hear quite often and got thinking about…

Do you guys have any?


Something that resonates to me, and I’m putting a lot of effort to it. I found that focusing on one thing is better than scattering across the spectrum. It pushes me outside the box quite a lot, and I’m grateful for it.


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