Can you take lamictal in two doses?


Which is better, once or more a day?


Why are you wanting to split the doses? Can you feel the med wearing off? It’s probably fine to split the doses, but you should probably call your pdoc and run it by them, just in case.


What time is best to take it? Does it help you get to sleep?


I don’t take Lamictal. I responded because I started off taking seroquel twice a day, but I noticed it wearing off so I got my pdoc’s permission to split the dose in 3 rather than 2.


I called my doctor’s office and he said its okay for me to start taking lamotrigine 100mg --> 150mg now, so I’m gonna do that and maybe back down on quetiapine or stop taking it altogether. I feel kind of flat from quetiapine 250mg daily, and I don’t wanna get neg sx or anything, I also feel scared at night when I take it…we’ll see, so I might drop it by the end of the weekend…at least when 150mg lamotrigine really kicks in.

Worse to worst, I’ll ask to add lithium or depakote, and maybe take less lamotrigine…probably depakote.


I have 125mg morning and 125mg bedtime


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I tried cutting my pills and got a few halves, but some broke. Oh well.


I’m gonna try discontinuing quetiapine soon, and maybe switching it out with hydroxyzine, or just taking a very low dose of quetiapine w/hydroxyzine. It may just be a night or two.

My fear w/low dose quetiapine (12.5mg) is that it might trigger mania the next day, and I do not need that, though I have caught up on sleep in maybe the past week and a half.

I am confident that I have built up a tolerance for it, and that a very low dose might be okay.

I have no idea what dose is antidepressant (bad, right now) so I need to go research that. Though I think it is under 300mg or roughly thereabouts?

My doc might write me a script for lorazepam, too. Lorazepam might help for sleep for a week while discontinuing quetiapine.

Another thing I can try from now on is going to bed precisely at 10:30, and taking my melatonin at 7pm without fail.

I saw some improvement in working memory and exec. func. today, and that gives me hope. If it’s from quetiapine, maybe that might be a long term thing, who knows?

If it’s from getting enough sleep, then I hope I’ve caught up enough by now!

When I first came off atypical aps in sprimg of last year, I started sleeping randomly, 4 hours on, 6 hours here or there. That continued until early fall, so I was asleep at really any time, and I felt great and not bad because I was getting 8 hours or more, even if it was chopped up.

So, quetiapine puts me to sleep when I can’t sleep, psychotic symptoms aside, but


I’m sad. I don’t feel in control of it. I’m taking lamotrigine and quetiapine. I took lamotrigine four hours ago at 150mgs. I’m gonna take quetiapine in a half hour or more from now at 250mg. I took melatonin 30 min ago.