Need opinion regarding quetiapine

I take 600mg a day. I used to take 300 in the morning and the same at night.

Recently though I came off gabapentin. Since I quit the gabapentin my akathisia has been real bad. Taking 300mg seroquel left me in real discomfort for 4-5hrs. Taking one procyclidine helped this a little but not completely.

Anyway tonight I split my seroquel and took 150mg of it with 5mg of procyclidine each time. This worked great.

So my question is what do you think about me taking 4 x 150mg quetiapine a day along with 4 x 5mg procyclidine as well.

Might sound a strange setup but it controls the akathisia a lot better. I am really sensitive to EPS.

I have akathisia real bad too. My doctor is going to try me on Cogentin. I don’t think that splitting the doses up like that within the same total amount of time (evenly) is harmful, but definitely talk to your doc about it. Hopefully he or she will work with you on this and might agree with your method, or even better, have a better idea. Hope it works out for you!


Do you have a Doctor hotline you could call for advice? There are likely variables that we may not think to consider that are immediately obvious to a professional. Over here we have a hotline “Nurse on Call” and if the nurse feels unqualified to answer, they connect you with a GP. I’d say 5 hours of akathisia is bordering on an “emergency” … I know it would send me into a panic.

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4 x 150mg quetiapine a day

Just sounds like a ‘manual’ extended release. So long as you take each dose at the exact same time everyday.

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That’s exactly what it is. My health board doesn’t really prescribe the XR version. So this is the closest thing.

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