Can you post whats not boring here?

doing things is boring to me … how about you ?

Writing flash cards is boring to me. But, it must get done.

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hmmm flash cards, i never write on them… what do you write on them ?

Anatomy terms. I have to memorize a whole bunch for my upcoming test on the respiratory system.


Not sure if bored is the right word for me, staying focused on one thing for long periods is very hard for me


Going on a walk is not boring to me. I have a different experience every time. But getting myself out of the house to take a walk is difficult.


I’m having a hard time thinking of what is not boring for me. I can’t really think of anything.

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Playing video games is not boring.
Hanging out with friends is not boring.
Learning things I’m interested in is not boring.


Hey spooks. Maybe you could draw ?

I like to draw, but I scribble a lot or try new shapes/shades/techniques for practice.

Then try to imagine something cool to draw.

That and listening to music while drawing.

Dancing is not boring for me. I love to dance! Maybe I should go to the club tonight, actually.


Ninja goes dancing
Across the floor
The crowd calls out
The boys want more


For me, boredom is a frame of mind. Sometimes some things bore me, but other times they enthrall me. According to Voltaire, life is either a terror or a bore, and all you can do is cultivate your garden.


yes you are right i need to draw more, i did draw one drawing today, but i dont like my drawings, its very hard to draw nice…my drawing is very low level…i hate to draw, bt i want to get better at drawing, when i draw i just wanna finish my drawing faster, concentrate on a drawing is hard

It just takes a bit of effort.

I draw a lot of stuff I don’t like, but keep at it. It will improve.


i will try to draw 15 % of my day

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“whats not boring,” eh?

  1. playing resident evil with brother.

that’s all I say, lest :triangular_flag_on_post:s

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I guess this thread just got SirBoringed