Can you imagine, 30 years has passed

30 years (in this April) since the nuclear reactor accident of Chernobyl, where was I then, in my little town as I am today, what about you? Where were you? 30 years ago?

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Not born yet XD


Hmmm. I was living in semi-independent living sharing a house with three other people. I was working as a hot tub washer. Just living an average existence I guess in an affluent town near San Francisco.

Well my mom was about 9 years old so half of my genetic code was in her and the other half of me wasn’t produced yet.

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Living with my parents creating in my room, communing with nature in the big yard + out my window. My cat in her bed. I had reached an easy going point in my life. Listened to the news and radio kept in touch with the outer world.

What I remember was the ‘authoroties’ told people nearby they were safe to go about their daily business - that they were safe, and they continued to expose them selves to radioactive food + water + air. Also they (authoroties) didn’t let the rest of the world know it had happened for three days, allowing the radiation to spread with the weather systems.

That’s what I remember. Fact or fiction, I don’t know. I’m not sure of things.

I wasn’t born yet, sorry one year off

This topic is a little personal, my sister studied in Kiev (not very far from Chernobyl) April 1986, the government sent an plane to Kiev to bring people back to my home nation, but my sister came back a little later.

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