Chernobyl, 30 years ago, where were you

On Tuesday I has been 30 years since the nuclear disaster of Chernobyl, where were you then, I was in the city where I am today. One of my relatives studied in Kiev at the time and then traveled back here after the disaster.

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I was living here in this house. Also in 1986 I was on the west coast twice and the east coast once.

In 1986 I went to the university near the Soviet border after first visiting Crete in Greece.

I was still an egg in an ovary.

Eeerrrg I was gonna say that

I did not know about the Chernobyl incident until my early 30.

I was nearly 2 years old.

In the bathroom taking a shower.

At preschool probably

i was 4 years old when the disaster happened :confused: my mom said once that probably she had her thyroid problems because of Chernobyl…

Interesting to me what events people ask that question for. I’ve heard it also asked of 9/11, the Kennedy assassination, John Lennon being shot, and I think I heard once of the fall of the Berlin wall.

Oh yeah, and @77nick77 asked for Michael Jackson’s moonwalk, and I imagine it has been asked for the first landing on the moon also.

Good memory that you got there @Twang. I posted that about 5 or 6 months ago.

I was in the same city as now, just got my first real job, living in my parents house.
It’s the same house I was living in when my dad called us kids in from playing outside to watch the first landing on the moon and moonwalk on the TV.

I was failing classes at The College of Marin in Greenbrae, California.

Both halves of my DNA lived under the same roof but they hadn’t gotten married or made me yet. DNA half #1 was probably following the news, and DNA half #2 was probably watching it too just because it was on.

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