Can you have depression and schizophrenia but not be schizoaffective, depressed?

Basically the pdoc I spoke to agreed I had schizophrenia and a history of depression but not schizoaffective depressive??

I think it’s a fine line…if you become delusional while depressed I would think that qualifies as schizoaffective, but that is considered bi polar. I guess if you are already schizophrenic but display “swings in mood” you might be schizoaffective. ?

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Its confusing I agree. I suffered from depression as well, and I was diagnosed once with schizoaffective, but eventually they settled on sz and much later, borderline as well. I don’t know how they tell, but they are experts, so I leave it to them.

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Maybe it’s a difficult one because no two pdocs agree.

People diagnosed with schizophrenia can get depressed from time to time, but if you have schizophrenia and a more severe or chronic long term type depression, your diagnosis may change over to schizoaffective disorder depressive type.
Buy yes you can be diagnosed with schizophrenia and depression and not be labeled schizoaffective - it depends on how deep or chronic the depression is - some psychiatrists dont like to use the schizoaffective label/diagnosis


Under the current dsm you have to have had mood symptoms for at least 50% of the time to qualify for a schizoaffective dx.