Can you give one suggestion to make life with schizophrenia better?

I’ll say make some friends~~


Exercise and make it regular routine. ( Especially on our meds )


Focus hard on treating the depression.

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Push yourself to the next level - baby steps


2 things
take your meds
avoid stress (including lofty study / career goals)

those 2 are essential things
to do something to improve sz
seek happiness in a thousand little ways

not easy to pick anything over others

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I’d say that realising that all humans struggle with life and that being a bit eccentric is normal. Just take a look at tv programs such as X Factor etc, it’s normal to be a little bit crazy.

You should really get a new pdoc

why? @Wallafish
are you being sarcastic?
actually forget it
striving nearly lost me my life
study in something with a lot of travel involved
a subject beyond me because of cognitive difficulty
in high stress environment had me in hospital for 9 months including me absconding and going missing for days with no underwear or shoes

if i could take back the striving i would

since stopped the striving i’ve been married for 11 years out of hospital and a non smoker and out of hospital 15 years no longer obese and have a stable non psychotic happy life


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