Can you cry at all?

I’ve never been able to cry easily but ever since I had a very traumatic event happen to me I now cry more easily. But not around other people.


I can tear up a little. Not much after meds


Don’t mean to hijack, I just didn’t want to open a differing thread.

The two movies I had ‘water works’ on were the movies from the 80’s titled:

‘Flowers in the attic’ and ‘Mama’s gonna buy you a mocking bird’.

Seriously wish I could have had a good cry in modern times.

Never thought it was the meds though! I chalked it up to flat affect.

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i struggle to cry, i went 20 years without crying. i cried at my grandma’s funeral when i was 12, then didnt cry again until i was 34 at my aunt’s funeral. just a few tears at my aunt’s funeral, it was such a sad event, but i mostly held it together.


I just cried the other day, my dad is not well, i hadnt cried in about 15 years, felt a bit better afterwards!


I think I can cry. I’m not sure. I know I was most numb when I was most sick. Now that I’m getting better or thought I was, I have emotions again and they suck! I don’t like FEELING on top of paranoia.

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I think it’s really handicapping to be unable to cry, or feel sadness. I hope it gets back to normal once we switch AP.


I never cry, things are what they are, guess i am not very emotional

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I havent really cried in years, maybe its the meds or just the illness itself

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I can’t cry I laugh constantly, I’ve laughed for two years

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I tear up just fine when walking into a strong, cold wind. Most inconvenient.

Why the hell do I live where the air hurts my face?

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I used to never cry, not even serious injuries, now whenever I watch animal rescue vids on youtube I get teary.


I’ve been crying quite often when I think about how much my life has been impacted by this illness.

I have taken so much crap from people that I cant cry even if I wanted to.

I often observe an emotional situation, yet I feel nothing. Meanwhile a tear appears.

It seems as thought my left brain hemisphere is suppressing all emotions from reaching the conscious level due to the hell I have been put though, but never the less my right hemisphere is still at work.

I can cry but wen I feel pressured to cry because I’m scared I’ll look insensitive I can’t cry at all

I was able to cry! It took some time

Yes sometimes I do cry. It can be over very strange things sometimes. Lol. Can’t think of an example right now.

rarely. and its usually the same thing. just watering if the eyes. I cried about six months ago.

I can’t cry anymore. However in my first trimester I got tearful cause of hormones