Can you be schizophrenic and autistic *or is autism part of schizophrenia? / are you autistic?

Yeah, I’m sure there’s a component of possessing a genetic tendency to experience psychosis when exposed to enough stress that might or might not have anything to do with ASD itself. I have autistic friends who’ve also experienced psychosis as well as autistic friends who have not. I would say the unifying factor with the former group would be no knowledge of their having ASD until adulthood and therefore no idea of proper coping mechanisms until after assessments necessitated by breakdowns from stress.

Couldn’t say. I’ve not been successful with genetically testing my friends. They don’t want me doing biopsies on them for some weird reason.

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some people suffer wit it and don’t knw tey ave it

:joy: A good boundary to have.

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Weird indeed. I suspect they’re playing hard to get :wink: you should insist.


By today’s child psychology standard I would have been diagnosed as a high functioning autist.

When strangers would ask why I was so shy and quiet, and implied I was autistic, my Mom always said “She’s not autistic, she ARTISTIC.”

I appreciated that.

But yeah, I think I’m on the spectrum.



I absolutely LOVE your perspective on this one!

Thank you for the laugh!