Can you be a OTR truck driver

I have sza bipolar type i am stable on my meds dont hear or see things anymore and my bipolar is undercontrol. I dont have any side effects from my meds at all

I know I can’t, you might be a different story.

Hopefully i can get a dot physical card with it. I am sorry you cant. I really need this

I could be if I was interested in it, but I like coming home to my family at the end of the day. I drive a truck locally and enjoy it. My doctor is aware of my health conditions and certified me to drive. My employers (school division and bulk fuel dealer) are also both aware of my health issues and are okay with them. I am regarded as very safe and reliable.


If you are truthfull with your medical history and the medications you take I would doubt it but if you do pass the dot physical let us know. Others may like to try it also. I had a vocational rehabilitation counselor and she told me no. I never tried getting the physical. I wanted to try hotshot driving with a truck and a trailer but you still need a CDL.

I am exceptionally stable. That helps.

Thanks hopefully i can pass it i am going to have my pdoc right a note saying i am stable and stuff like that

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Wishing you luck with this. Please let us know how it goes?

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Did you have any luck with the medical exam?

no i didnt he wouldnt pass me

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My doctor wouldnt sign the wavier either so that didnt help

Sorry bro. What’s your new plan?

well i got a job and that didnt work out either the symptoms came back to strong so i guess its waiting for the disability hearing in febuary to get on disability.