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Is there anyone who has gone off meds for a number of years and then back on meds?

I was diagnosed when I was 16 with schizophrenia and was heavily medicated by a dr and then I stopped cold turkey when I was 22. I caught my self last year answering back to one of my “friends” and took a few anxiety meds my gf had so I could pass out. I am 30 now and have full conversations with multiple “friends” . I am terrified of going back To a dr, I work in an industry where safety is key and there’s no way in hell my boss or fired bosses can find out…

Any advise appreciated

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If you’re in the US, the ADA should protect you from being discriminated against for disability status. There are a few exceptions, but mostly, as long as you’re in treatment you can’t be fired for having a medical condition.

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@ninjastar is right. Welcome to our community @GoblinIam! You are most welcome here!

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@GoblinIam. Welcome to the forum!

You mentioned that you “work in an industry where safety is key”. Given that fact, it’s important that you take care of both your physical and your mental health. That includes seeking out treatment when needed.

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Not unless the medicine prevents you from performing the essential functions of your job with or without a reasonable accommodation. For example, if medicine prevents you from driving, an employer can reject your application for a chauffeur position.

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I drive a truck for a living, it’s considered a safety sensitive job and I think it’s an instant disqualification on my DOT card. I am just curious as to how they ( meaning DOT ) could possibly find out. When I crashed my motorcycle and broke my color bone, the hospital asked about meds and listed all the ones I was on and asked if I was feeling like I’m going to be violent. (I did flip out at this hospital when i was 18 and didn’t take my meds, I was restrained by the cops and they sedated me). So I am just wondering if my medical records are available to dot or a place performing the physical? Thank you for answering so quick!!

I don’t think it’s an instant disqualifier. I know truckers who have adhd and take meds for that.

I have friends only I can see too. Mine went away until I got on Abilify. Now they’re coming back. I see my psychiatrist Thursday. Hopefully she makes a change.

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You could take a look at the FMCSA Medical Examiner Handbook. The pdf is available for download through the FMCSA website. The section on psychological disorders starts on P. 185.

@GoblinIam first of all, welcome to the forum!

To answer your question, I was on meds in the 1990s until I experienced a remission starting in mid 1997. I was off until April 2012 and have been back on them ever since. I had previously carried a diagnosis of psychotic depression, it wasn’t until January 2015 that I finally got diagnosed sza.

You shouldn’t feel scared to seek treatment. You deserve to feel better, and meds will help you.

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Thank you all for the responses. I am going to be seeking help but not from my original doctor, I still know very little about my condition. I thought i was diagnosed with schizophrenia but looking back it was schizoid effective.

And @ZmaGal did your dr have you take abilify during the day or at night? I was on it for about a week and that’s when I was admitted to the hospital. I was told to take it at night and I wouldn’t sleep for days.

When I stopped taking my meds I was on 1200mg of ceroquil, ?mg of geodon 1.5 mg of clonipin and ?mg of symbiax… I was a drooling mess all day, I am afraid of the weight gain and getting too much sleep.

Is it possible that if I had an extreme life change, it could’ve effected all my progress?

I switched my Abilify to morning because I can’t sleep on it but I still can’t sleep. I’m also suddenly eating compulsively and having problems I haven’t had since starting APs.

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Welcome to the forum @GoblinIam! I hope you receive some much needed support here. The people are wonderful!

I was hospitalized multiple times and for months at a time, attended therapy, and was on meds from 2002-2005. Then, for a decade without meds/therapy/hospitalization I worked full-time, lived on my own, volunteered at church and in the community, had a ton of friends, served on short-term mission trips around the world, married, and had kids. I started slipping in 2013 but I didn’t realize what was happening until I was gone in 2014.

You need to see a doctor. There’s a possibility that it will get worse. Your job matters, but it doesn’t matter as much as your mental health. It’s better to be on meds than for your coworkers to see you in full blown psychosis.

If you’ve been managing without meds and live a good life without them, maybe it’s for the best. Meds can cause weight gain and fatigue and nausea. I only take them because it’s impossible for me to be at my highest functioning without them. I have friends and am going back to work soon and luckily have no weight gain and have no voices or delusions atm due to good meds.

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