Can someone please talk to me

anybody out there???

Hi! Hows it going?

i could be better lol

What happened daydreamer?


Well i get to points like that too but i always try to look on the bright side. Whats the first video game u ever played

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@everhopeful its hard to know sometimes, my anxiety levels seem to be getting worse :frowning: stress and ■■■■ like that, i think its because i doubled my dose of med

@Kazuma i think it was duck hunt or something lol

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Do u go to AA? Im going to a meeting tonight


Did you go out with your friends recently?

@Kazuma i have no problems with alcohol but my dad drank and he never went to AA but i wish he did bc then he might still be here

@everhopeful i only seem to have one friend just now and we are going through a tough time just now, its hard for us, i need some space from her and she isn’t taking it well, she doesn’t like being lonely, its a bit of a mess, we do still do things together though when we see each other like swimming and we went out to a couple nice places recently

i’m actually a bit mixed up just now tbh

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You’ll be fine. This phase will pass.

idk its pretty serious, so much i want to do, so many things i want to change but as i get more wanting my body is holding me back, i get more anxious as i get more active, sorry i am being negative again, i know its not all about me but there are places like this forum where you can get lots of good support, maybe i was wrong when i said people that talk about themselves all the time are shallow, i don’t really want to talk about myself but sometimes its hard to see a narrow road in the mist so to speak.

But isn’t that part of recovery, getting some kind of drive back? That’s a good sign. Plus Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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@Kazuma good luck i hope it goes well for you at the meeting

yeah but overtime i try to do something something else pops up and it makes it really hard to do anything really, i feel like an old man

@everhopeful how are you?

Yes, that’s what it feels like sometimes. But as Chordy once said, with this disease it’s a good idea to know your limitations.

what am i doing wrong, nobody seems to want to talk to me anymore, idk what i have done

my limitations hold me back, i’m trying to reach my full potential but its like i have a ball and chain holding me back

am i bad for people here?

That’s a good description of schizophrenia actually. A ball and chain holding you back. The forum is really quiet at this time isn’t it? maybe because it’s Sunday.

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idk, i think i’ve done something wrong but idk what

Nah, it’s just a quiet time. Chill.

what are you doing?