Can someone please talk to me

Just had a tuna sandwich, and just finished watching star wars a new hope on dvd.

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Are you having midlife crisis feelings? Not sure how old you are, but I’ve heard from some that some people have what is called a “midlife crisis” where at some point they start to worry that they are now “old” and feel desperate to do all the fun things they can think of. Or something like that.

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more like a med life crisis,

i was overmedicated for a long time and then i had a med changed and things got better but things are getting hard just now, idk, its just hard

i’m worried i might get banned from here bc i feel myself getting angrier and angrier, i am trying to keep a lid on it but its hard

dude ■■■■ it out lol…

I do it all the time… just make a disclaimer or something…

don’t keep it bottled up. You got your own thread here.

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Hey daydreamer. Hope you’re doing ok.

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thx @StarryNight wish i was, i’ve taken my meds but i just feel really wound up

haven’t really got anyone to talk to, feel like screaming

Hi ive been taking rispiridone for years and i dont have any voices anymore but i dont like the side effects like anxiety and lack of motivation what med are you on?

Amisulpride 400mgs daily

hi are you.i m also depressed like you but plus i m suicidal.but lately i m taking prozac (anti depressant)and it feel good.maybe you have to start some AD s for good mood

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Hey man…i can fully appreciate what you are going through.

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