Can someone answer this question?

I have been stable and in remission for my schizophrenia(like 80% of symptoms gone) and it’s the 2nd month of my this state for me it’s very long,never been stable for this long

My question is even though I have improve for this 2 month,but I still couldn’t get more friends and also even had a gf which I long for as I believe you need experience in relationship…I am already 24 this year,of one or two year more it would be rather late and I do not like being late,after you guys been in remission what do you guys do to meet more people or new friends especially different sex…

I also had a little problem,I seem anxious when talking to people although I do better than last time but I feel it’s still not good enough

don’t be so hard on your self and be patient, life is not a race, enjoy your stability.
take time to recognise how strong and brave you are, good things will happen to you , just give it time.
relationships and friendships can not be forced or hurried…
good on you for being in remission…
take care


When I was 28, gals I knew were looking for someone who could pass for normal and had a car. That fit me! But I’m half the world away from you. Things are different here.

Around here either your friends fix you up with someone or you look for ads of gals who want someone like oneself. Also, my sisters were always fixing me up with their girlfriends when I was in my twenties.

When I was thirty, I thought the saying that the young are idealistic was a mistake because after all I was idealistic and 30 years old. Later, I found out that 30 was young.


I really hope and pray I can get a gf In this 2 year,just like how I pray I will get the right medication 5 years ago,I will try not to appear desperate but work hard for it

I found that I had to be stable for a while and really get to know myself before I could know others. I know you hope and yearn for this. But it will happen. You are 24 and even people who have NO illness are still trying to figure themselves out at 24.

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Don’t try too hard. Love falls into your lap when you least expect it.

I am kinda worried I won’t experience love this lifetime

24 is still young. You have plenty of time. Each relationship will be felt in it’s own way. Each love can be different. Have faith that when the time is right you will experience a great love.


@Mobc1990. I felt the same way you do. I didn’t have my first boyfriend till I was 18. I’ve only dated about 5 guys (counting my fiancee) and I honestly, after the cutesy initial “you hang up” “no you hang up” rush (about a month or less) I didn’t feel anything for them. I guess you couldn’t even really call those feelings. I didn’t even really know what love meant until I changed to Geodon and got my brain in order.
The best thing I can tell you is try to be attractive. Working out helps, but also emotionally attractive. Most girls go for douche bags who don’t respect them, but you don’t want them. They aren’t good people to be with.
I really feel for the guys on here. As a woman I know how quickly we can dismiss a guy from our dating options pool. We even exclude guys who truly care and are willing to be our friends if that’s what it takes. I’ve done that. We don’t always do it light hardheartedly though. Sometimes we just know it won’t work out and while we think the guy is cool, we simply don’t want to sleep with them which is a big factor in any romantic relationship. I’ve dated a “friend zone” guy because he kept saying he loved me and I felt bad. It didn’t end well and it wasn’t a happy time for either of us. So trust me when I say friend zoning is sometimes for the best.
I think that all you guys on here are wonderful and it makes me sad that things are so unequal. If you are a girl and you have a pretty face, no matter how crazy or hard to handle you are many guys want to put up with you. But girls have this mentality that they have the right to have someone look after them.

Ive been where you are. I entered remission and relearned my social skills. Now I am pretty good with people, I come off as tense to some but I still make friends and make good impressions on people. Like right now im texting some guys I met at a club, one of them told me I seemed anxious and apprehensive, he was right, it was my first time at a club. I told him that and he was very cool about it, he bought me a drink (Im 20 so that was especially nice cuz I cant buy myself a drink). The other guys I met didnt remark on me being tense. Some perceptive people can see through me I guess.