Can scizo americans unite to ask govt for faster research?

There is very little improvement in Schizophrenia research in past decades . can you unite to raise voice for paying some attention on Schizophrenia and its research? What is obama doing?We can’t lose our life like this.


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That isn’t true, actually. It’s just not normally covered in the news. Also it may be for the wrong reasons, but improving the mental health system has been brought up recently

@MisterWaffles.its been the same method blocking dopamine receptors. But it introduces some negative symptoms also as this blockage happens all over the brain in all 4 dopamine paths. There are no significant treatment available for negative symptoms

The new ones also work on the serotonin symptom, and also help with serotonin. Most the advancements made aren’t strictly medicine, and if you’re hoping for a cure all with no side effects, you’re probably out of luck.

They’ve made a lot of advancements in knowledge about the disease and how it works though, coping skills and even preventative measures. There’s been a lot of research done that says schizophrenia can be prevented altogether, if people are aware and understand the early signs to get help early. It’s all based on the PIER model.

Really? Where are you getting that information from? Maybe you should have a look at this:

@MisterWaffles . i wish there are medications without side effects

It’s such a complicated system, the brain. It would be nice, but it’s better to focus on what you can do with the things that are available

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