Can psychosis be responsible for pain?

I am just wondering that because I have been in pain for a few weeks now. I wrote a topic about here before. I thought it might be the flu but it can’t be that. I’m in agony now. It is far worse than it was before. I am also taking vitamin d supplements as my GP initially thought it was that or depression but they don’t help. Now I am worried if this is going to go away or not.

I feel demotivated to do anything and work is becoming increasingly difficult. Walking up is a pain. I am always tired. I am gaining weight. I had to force myself to walk home today for exercise (45 mins it took me). I have been planning to do that for weeks. Everything just feels like a struggle.

I am seeing my GP about it tomorrow. Thank god I get extra time off work I hate the site of the place.

I am not sure about psychosis being responsible for pain. I’m not a doctor, but try to massage your hurting limbs, I do that and it helps my pain. A hot pack will do it too. they are easy to make and heat up. If you want a homemade hot pack, get rice and put it into an old sock that you do not use anymore and then tie the sock shut, then put it in the microwave for about 1 minute. Then put it wherever it hurts.

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Anxiety and depression can cause physical pain. Namely muscle and nerve pain. Treating the symptoms often involves antidepressants and/or neurologics. Cymbalta and Lyrica in the USA are often used as first line treatments.

Definitely discuss these symptoms with your doc. And I pray you get some relief very soon!




The brain and body are so linked and it’s amazing what physical ailments can do to the mind. It’s amazing what the mind can do to the body. You could have a game of catch going on here. One thing hit’s the body which makes the mind wonder what in the world so the mind says, OK, take that body. and the body says, Ok, take that brain…

The brain can cause some very real pain. Every one can totally agree that depression takes a physical toll with aches and pains and cold and head aches and upset stomach.

Everyone agrees stress can take a toll with ulcers and coughing up blood and sore muscles and even blurry vision.

If stress can cause and bleeding ulcer and depression can cause a debilitating headache then I’d say talk to your doc about this. It could be a little of both sides of that fence.


where do you have this pain in your body? if pain killers have no effects on it then it can be because of psychosis, my psychosis caused me severe pain for long time before taking antiphychotics, my pain just killed with antipsychotics, even opium(morphine) has no effect on my pain, tell us more about pain.

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The pain is in my neck, upper back and shoulders. I went to my GP today and she prescribed me 40,000 ui Vitamin D once a week for 8 weeks. And then to take the regular dose everyday. I hope it works because otherwise she’d have to refer me back to mental health.

dont you have regular pain killers like acetaminophen or ibubrofen or diclofenac at home? try them and see if they kill the pain or not? if they work then the pain is a physical one, if they dont then the pain is psychological one.

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When I was severely psychotic I had very hard time waking up or doing anything that needs energy, I felt like you, like it was the flue, but it wasn’t, I felt fainting, and it was also a side effect of some anti-psychotic that I was trying, my situation got better when I stopped taking the pills, it’s much better without medication…Maybe it’s a side effect caused by your medication.