Upper back and neck pain and fatigue

I have no idea why I feel this way. I feel so uncomfortable and tired. What could cause the sudden onset of this?

Jet trails. Look to the sky in the past tense.
Or the flu.


stress, lying badly in bed, unsupportive pillow.
ibuprofen which i take for pain works for me, a more natural way is tumeric, ginger .
take care

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She reckons it could be vit d deficiency so I’m getting a blood test. Or it may be depression which to me does not sound like it is. I am depressed because I’m in pain not the other way around

I am no expert, and I am really just a silly man… so a grain of sea salt with this one, but physical pain and depression seem to go hand in hand in hand.

Wether your depressed and that has caused pain or in pain and that has caused depression, I would try and combat the pain first. Heating pads, ice, relaxing bath, address the bed mattress… is it too soft or hard?
Some meditation or as I like to say… sitting quietly in a dark room. Maybe some gentle stretching to relieve the tension?


Our bodies hold onto tension (anxiety sadness anger) and it forms into painful tight muscles. You can get epsom salt from the drugstore and put 1/4 cup of it into a hot bath. Stretching and moving the muscles helps to get the energy flowing

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lol, obviously i wrote this post too early in the morning. I guess depression is depression regardless of how it came about. Just need to work out now whether this pain is psychical or coming from my mind.

You can see the signs… yeah, I’ve been up since 3:00 a.m and had three too many cups of coffee.

Where ever the pain coming from, I hope you get some relief from it soon.

i get migraines due to tight neck and shoulder muscles and that is caused by stress. maybe ur sitting position in an office all day doesn’t help either? hope u find a cure soon. xxxx

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I tend to tense up durning a bit of panic. It’s like bracing for a car crash only I’m not in a car. After a while the muscles can’t take it anymore and begin to hurt.

Did not even occur to me that it could be the FLU.

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I get a lot of neck pain I’m curious as to whether this is part of the disease? Never had this problem beforehand and it seems to spring up when my symptoms elevate too.

I don’t think it’s part of the illness. I’m not sure. But mental illness usually makes the pain feel worse. Pain that was already there.

This topic is OLD.