Feel so embarrased

The past week has not been good for me. For starters, I broke my foot in a routine accident, then I became psychotic, blowing up people’s phones. I’m trying to be a good little alien and take my meds, but they just aren’t packing the necessary punch. I’m seriously contemplating going back to the pdoc who had me on 80 mg of Haldol. He understood what it takes. I feel like such a fool, even though everyone seems okay about it. I am damaging my good name.

I’m glad your going to your doc. Please don’t be so hard on yourself. I’ve had a the meds for my head circus not work right when I ended up really spraining my ankle. The pain from that just took over the head circus. That always got to me to ponder… The physical pain sort of derailed my mental health.

But you realize what’s happening and you have a plan. That is the sign of a good alien. :smiley:

I do hope you feel better soon.
Good luck Alien99… with the meds and the foot.

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Yes, physical pain from my severe rheumatoid arthritis triggers my symptoms. I have to temporarily increase my antipsychotics when this happens.

It would be a good idea for you to modify your med regimen to treat the flare in psych symptoms.

I do hope you get some relief, alien. I’m sending positive energy your way.



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Tell us how you broke your foot. Some times talking about it and concentrating on it is healing.

Psychosis isnt your fault. Maybe seeing the doctor is a good idea, but don’t bear the burden of having schizophrenia; I tell myself that it’s the doctors’ problem, not mine. That’s my secret as to avoiding guilt and rumination about schizophrenic behavior. I have done some really schizophrenic stuff and I have got myself into serious trouble before, but I just remind myself that I am a patient now and I am not held to normal people standards in regards to social behavior.

People will understand if they can understand what “schizophrenia” means. But word mayne, ■■■■ the haters, knawmean? Ignant fools who aint know what da schizo is be like “ooh he bad, blowin up mah phone” naw mayne we aint bad we cray

Had to tell you how it is Memphis style. Hope that made you laugh.

Well chordy, that’s a tough one. I was walking down the street and came up on a curb. I was standing over the curb, and there was a slight depression in the ground. So I stepped with my weaker leg (left) and went ass-over-elbows. Got up, brushed it off, and walked home, no idea I was injured. I was ALMOST admitted to the psych hospital that night, but thanks to 2 members here, they got in touch with my wife and explained my behavior. As I calmed down, I was released.

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That was good for a chuckle. Sorry I’ve been out of touch. This past week has been hell. I’ll look for ya on FB!

Hang in there alien - once you get your meds straightened out, things will be cool again

Thanks @Wave You’re always nice to me. If you’d like, I’d be willing to be PM buddies with you.

Sure, I dont know how to use this feature, but yeah alien sounds good

@Wave I sent you a PM. It should appear in the little cloud box thingy on the upper right of the screen.

we all have our up’s and down’s, why be embarrased by any of it.
hope your mind and body heal quickly.
take care