Can one be born with schizophrenia?

can one be born with schizophrenia?

I read about a new study that says the beginnings of schizophrenia and alzheimers might be present at birth.

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I believe thats the only way to have it.

People can be influenced to insanity through brain injury ,environment, or introduction of some chemicals like drugs but schizophrenia is a chemical imbalance in the brain

Thats just my belief. I also believe that those that have it due to drugs or environment were naturally predisposed to it to begin with.I mean think of how many people that have done drugs that DON’T have it.

There have been people that have had brain injury that have psychotic symptoms but I think that is because the injury disrupted the normal chemical pathways in the brain redirecting the flow.

This is just my opinion mind you I could be waaay off.But think about it if the introduction of chemicals through medicating effects the brain differently be it positive or negative then its the chemicals present befor medicating that were the cause of the disorder.

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They say that if you have a difficult birth, you increase your risks of schizophrenia. I had a difficult labour, but in my opinion I think sz is just karma.

yeah Karma is too what I believe is the cause.

Scientists have said that SZ is due to Birth issues (something going wrong during pregnancy) + Environmental issues (Bad parenting, abusive parenting etc)…

I personally feel both the factors are very important and if any one of them is missing then SZ dosen’t materialize.

In my case, Both my parents , nor my elder brother nor my entire extended family have SZ …But I do have SZ.

But I have had Environmental issues. (Abusive Parenting).

So yeah environmental issues does play a major role.

Even if you are genetically predisposed of SZ during birth if you have had Loving parents then chances are that you will escape having it later in life.

We who have sz are born with genes that cause sz with right environmental circumstances. So I would say we are born with sz. Some people are naturally more paranoid already in their childhood which may evolve to psz later on in the life.

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Yeah I think that if those with sz dived deep enough into their family’s gene pool they will eventually come across someone with it.

And yes I can be brought through environmental influence which could cause stress and anxiety and these trigger chemical reaction in the brain.

Maybe those that have their brains flooded with these chemicals for a extended period eventually reach a toxic level which then triggers the latent sz.

Just my opinion.

Sounds pretty accurate to me, If only I would of been more careful. Looking back though with what I was doing and who I am I was bound to go crazy. The ride is pretty much over though, I’m pretty much used to all the voices and interjected thoughts and weird messages. Some of it still bothers me, as I think it should. Thus is life. I’m a lot more sane now then I used to be. At least on the surface.

Just like with drugs ive known people that were raised in a terrible enviroment yet they dont hear voices or have delusions.

Apparently heat may also play a role as years ago when I started reserching sz I came across a global illustration that showed the largest concentration of reported sz diagnosis and that was the middle east and India I think it was one of the main sz organizations that has that.

I think you can be raised with SZ but not born!

I think it’s a combination of genes + environment too.

It’s the old “nature vs. nurture” controversy. I don’t have the genes for sz. No one in my family going back for generations has had it. Like you, there were factors in my environment that probably caused it in my case.

One theory as to the cause of schizophrenia is that the mother had a certain virus while pregnant. OR touched cat crap. Or had a stressful event while pregnant. All three support the theory that a child is born with schizophrenia.

I don’t see why not. As young as I remember I had problems getting my thoughts under control and heard repeated derogatory voices in my head. Never become fully psychotic for another 25 years. It played a large part in shaping my personality.

It doesn’t count for every person, but I think in some cases a person is born with the natural ability to be more perceptive, aware of things, sensitive, empathic, spiritual, etc.
From there it depends on how their environment treats it. If the family is viewing these things as abnormal, not understanding them, and carting them off to doctors, it could solidify schizophrenia because that is how things are going to be understood.
But if a child is raised to understand and work with these abilities things may go differently.

I know in some churches and native circles if a child is sensing things, seeing and hearing things, they are told about the spirit world and how to deal with these things… Now in some cases it might be something different, but there are cases where it is these things I mentioned.

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All the researchers that I talk to would say “No” - nobody is born with schizophrenia. Rather - everyone has a different risk of developing schizophrenia and that risk can either be increased or decreased by factors during pregnancy (eg. nutrition and stress levels, infections, etc. during pregnancy) and after birth (e.g. family stress levels, nutrition, etc.).

To learn more - read this:


I hate be arguementive especially when apparently im like the only person with this belief but if sz is NOT genetically predetermined and environment and nutrition are the causes of it then why aren’t all those starving people in Africa hearing voices and delusional with beliefs like they are being watched constantly and telepaths are reading their minds?

I hear people say “I had a bad childhood so im schizophrenic” and thats after being slapped around or locked in a closet for punishment or being bullied constantly as a kid and I agree these can contribute to mental disorder but SCHIZOPHRENIA is NOT JUST ANY MENTAL DISORDER.

Back to the unfortunate people in Africa as a example they are LITERALLY STARVING that means deficiency in EVERYTHING to the point of death.

They also go through a life infinitely worse than what some seem to think is intolerable they have other humans wanting to chop them up into little pieces literally just because of what side of town they were born on.In some case people have been eaten.

There are millions of people there going through this …why aren’t there millions of diagnisable schizophrenics?

I know what you are thinking “well maybe there are and we just don’t know because they have no nut crackers diagnosing them” nope thats not it ive met people from Africa and because at one time i believed environment might cause schizophrenia I asked them if there is a lot of crazy people that hear voices and have delusions and they said no its not prevalent which it should be if environment and health are the main cause.

Thats unless your a racist that doesn’t believe Africans are human like you.

I think it has a lot to do with culture, drugs, and identity issues. At least in my case. The ability to concoct a reality other then the one your in, for psz. Fear something and the mind makes it real.

Its not Genetics VS environment - its both. If you have certain genetics - then specific environments will "turn on " schizophrenia, but if you don’t have the genetics - then the environment won’t matter.

So - its not Genetics or Evironment - its Both. For some people with lots of genetic risk for schizophrenia - very little environment may be needed to tip the person over to schizophrenia, other people with very low genetic risk might need a lot of environmental factors to push them into schizophrenia.

Oh …thanks…well wait …im not rich but I wasn’t abused as a matter a fact as the only child in the home with just my mother I was spoiled and im loony as a tune.

But I can appreciate what you guys are saying though…don’t agree …but the appreciation is there.