Can Mental Illness Be Prevented In The Womb?

In 2013, University of Colorado psychiatrist Robert Freedman and colleagues recruited 100 healthy, pregnant women from greater Denver to study whether giving the B vitamin choline during pregnancy would enhance brain growth in the developing fetus.

The moms-to-be were randomly given either a placebo or a form of choline called phosphatidylcholine. Choline itself is broken down by bacteria in the gut; by giving it in this related form the supplement can more effectively be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Those in the treatment group received 3,600 milligrams of phosphatidylcholine in the morning and 2,700 milligrams at night. Since phosphatidylcholine is roughly 13-15 percent choline, the amount the women received was about 900 milligrams of choline a day, twice that recommended by the Health and Medicine Division of the National Academies (and about the same amount contained in three large eggs).

After birth, infants were given either 100 milligrams of liquid phosphatidylcholine or placebo once a day for approximately three months. Given that both groups were also getting choline from regular feeding, the dose ensured that those supplemented received well over the Institute of Medicine’s guideline that infants receive at least 125 milligrams a day.

At 5 weeks old, the children were exposed to a series of clicking sounds in the lab while their brain activity was monitored by electroencephalogram, or EEG, a method for recording electrical brain activity via electrodes placed on the scalp. Normally, when exposed to the same sound successively, both infant and adult brains will exhibit “inhibition,” or a far weaker pulse of activity in response to the second sound. We realize that the now familiar tone is insignificant; our brains are unmoved.

However, in some kids this inhibition doesn’t occur — a finding linked with an increased risk for attention problems, social withdrawal and, later in life, schizophrenia.


Take sarcosine, take choline, , take omega 3 fatty acids, don’t get the flu, don’t be exposed to trauma while pregnant…

It is getting really complicated to have kids lately.


No sarcosine during pregnancy - but yes, a good prenatal multivitamin plus choline (6 grams of Lecithin a day) and omega 3 fatty acids and fish like Salmon, and yes - low to moderate stress and avoid infections…

Its definitely more information that we have now to have healthy kids.


It is hard to keep up with the best practices. Do we definitely know that the extra choline is safe to take during pregnancy?

Choline is used by the central nervous system. I take actycholinerase inhibitors. Acetcholinerase enables all of the glutamate, any and all neurotransmitter to traverse between the neurons.

I’ve been reading up stuff to do when pregnant (really baby crazy and just doing some research before trying to have kids) and even if it can reduce the chance by .1%, I’m willing to do it. I’m so scared of one of my future kids going through things I have and I worry about the chances of them developing sz as they grow up. Needless to say, I do believe that things can be done while the child is in the womb to reduce the chances of the child developing sz later in life, but mostly because I want to believe that it’s possible

women shouldn’t eat fish while pregnant.

I was wondering,
how many of us were born in the summer?

Actually - thats very inaccurate.

Women shouldn’t eat too much Tuna and other fish that have higher Mercury in them (the larger fish) - but women who are pregnant are doing a great thing for their babies when they eat a lot of Salmon and sardines that are high in Omega 3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA) that are very important in brain development.

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Here is more information on this:


they never told me that.

I ate liver and onions, salads, peanut butter (to prevent allergies)
and lots of Total cereal.

Yes - the science around pregnancy has changed a lot in the last 20 years.

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It is almost impossible to not get any infection during nine months ! :frowning:

Maybe if you live in a bell jar though :rolling_eyes:

Instead of perfume, use that stuff they use in the hospitals. That should do it :smile:


Oh yes, lemon scented Lysol can be very alluring!

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