Can love scientifically explained

Then there is this. The way I see it is that people have sex for multiple reasons but procreating is merely one of the multiple effects to having sex. People have multiple reasons for having intercourse, which is why some people choose not to have kids. Having sex is just plain fun. And you don’t need to procreate to have sex with your partner. Some people can’t procreate, so they find other means, like with adoption. But some couples actively choose not to have children. And that’s okay, too.

Little bit of it yes but not all. Even if it was possible it would be unethical.

I understand your point. I think it is inaccurate. If you want to break it down to a biological level, you will miss the whole point of love.

I think so, i not sure.

I suspect love is best left unexplained when young. It could be explained, but it would lose it’s magic if you did.

When you are older, you understand love in detail and still appreciate it without it having a magical element.

To answer your question, yes, but best not to.

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