Can I make it to another 10 years without psychosis again?

I’m on them as the antidepressant landed me in hospital with severe mood swings and psychosis.

As in I’m on an ap now. So I’m fine.

Then that’s good … as long as you are in ap’s you will be fine don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. :+1::+1:

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I never advocate going off them… I only went off them because he thought one episode wasn’t enough to “diagnose schizophrenia “. Nhs sucks at the moment and when I have no choice of pdoc it just gets worse.

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Well having a bit of psychosis isnt the end the world. but full blown psychosis like you just went through is not good. So if you do this and it happens again you should just stay on your med.

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I’m not going off the antipsychotic again. Maybe reduce but not off them completely.

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Can you afford pdocs outside of NHS? Like the private ones?

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I can’t it costs like £150 a visit and currently don’t have a job and living off uc. Looking for a job but still won’t be able to afford £150. Still seeing a psychiatrist next Week and he seems ok on the phone. so will see

Holy efff 150 pounds … you know what a pdoc consultation costs here in india? Less than five pounds.

And they are as good as any pdocs in the world most of them in the west are indians anyway. :wink::grin:

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Also I feel sorry that you are going through these financial troubles…

Ahaha yes I know it’s cheaper in India … I’ve had some checks there but not experience with pdocs

You visited India? Which part may I ask?

It’s not that bad but I just can’t afford a pdoc … plus I can see one next week on the nhs I just have to push and shout a bit louder to be seen… they seem busy and the worst service in London

Yes quite a few times Mumbai , Gujarat (jamnagar) Rajasthan … I’m Indian

Hmmm how r u coping with the lockdown then?

Not good it’s quite bad can’t go out have a 98 year old living with me. Not that we don’t go shopping but food shopping is all we do.

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In India ? I have relatives there and I heard there’s more freedom now.

Hmmm interesting. I don’t know what freedom you heard off but here comedians are being jailed for cracking jokes on govts and religion… :roll_eyes:


Really thought the virus died down there

No way… 151516161516

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