Can i get some advice on antipsychotics?

Tried risperdal and had weight gain and sedation
Latuda with unbarable akathisia every night
Geodon. Flattening and depression and less joy
Im a week into vraylar and i passed out from being in the sun 3 days ago. Im also worried about being in an akathisia hell again with vraylar. My doctor is reccommending the invega shot. With my history of flattening and akathisia what would be a good antipsychotic? What works for you guys?


I do alright on saphris. Not perfect, though. I still have issues with bipolar mania and depression and a few other sza problems, but it has worked better for me than anything else I have tried. I have been on latuda, geodon, and vraylar in the past.

For akathesia you should take an antiparkinson med and not quit your antipsychotic. I had akathesia too. Took an antiparkinson med called Akineton and it is gone

I just started Invega (tablet form) and take Cogentin for the akathisia. It’s been a little over a month. So far so good.

I take latuda at 60mg and i take cogentin 2mg. I take cogentin with every ap past or future. Risperdal had bad akathisia.

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I don’t know. I do well on Risperdal, Geodon and Seroquel. I take Cogentin for coarse tremors.

And you quit it because of akathesia? Why didnt you take a second med for akathesia?

Well a note of caution, abilify made me get akathsia for the first two months then it went.

On risperidone I didn’t know about cogentin. But I take it now.for latuda

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I did. It caused incontinence and dry mouth. Didn’t alleviate the emotional aspect of akathisia

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Im on invega sustenna right now its the only med ive been on and works for positive symptoms but may bring out, worsen or even ad negative symptoms. Before i was on invega i was hearing voices but i was motivated and had hobbies. Now i cant even work and enjoy my hobbies. And you might gain weight but it just depends on the person

I’m pretty sure all the meds make you sensitive to the sun/heat. All my prescriptions have come with warnings to avoid direct sunlight. Maybe it’s just a coincidence that none of the others made to pass out in the sun. Did vrylar have any other negative side effects for you? If not, it may be as good as it gets for you. Just remember to stay properly hydrated, wear sunscreen, and stay in the shade whenever possible. I worked outdoors all summer a couple years ago while on two meds, and I was fine as long as I always remembered those rules. If you have long hair, it can also help to keep it wet.

Can you describe what the akathisia was like with the Latuda every night?

Fortunately enough the akathisia comes and goes. I can still enjoy music. I could work out if I weren’t paranoid of passing out lol. Im also coming off geodon and just starting vraylar so maybe that explains it. Two heavy antipsychotics.

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Lol yes. Unbarable inner anxiety except not just simple light scared feeling anxiety. Inner agony. Discord. Crunching against itself in your stomach. A feeling of dread that drives you to go to sleep as soon as possible after you take it. My eyes rolling in the back of my head from taking it. Bouncing my legs uncontrollably. Pure nightmare

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Yeah, maybe you just need to give yourself a chance to adjust to vrylar. It takes roughly two months for an old med to fully leave your system, and to adjust to a new med. maybe by then you’ll have a better idea of how vrylar works for you. But definitely talk it over with your doctor.

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OK I don’t know if I have had nighttime akathisia with Seroquel in the past. It is hard to say. It is supposed to be low risk for that. It has caused me a lot of fidgeting and torture, making me feel like I am going to die. It’s not doing that lately though.