Can fine art change the way the public view schizophrenia?

Hi fellow travellers,
I am working on a fine art degree here in middle England.

Part of my work I am developing is the ‘brain surgery series’ where I perform brain surgery on beautiful people in magazines to depict psychosis.

I am also working on my dissertation ‘Can fine art change the way the public see schizophrenia?’
I am wondering if anyone has any feedback on the artwork, or thoughts on the essay?

No worries if not.
I hope my art changes the way people close see me – that I can do good things – but what do others think.


I think it might, if nothing else, open up people’s eyes for the complexity and diversity of it.

Many normies seem to believe that schizophrenia is “just” someone hearing voices or thinking the government is after them. In reality it’s so much more, and I believe art like yours might help people realise it’s much more than that.


Thank you for your positive feedback @Berru I appreciate it.
It isn’t so simple this diagnosis is it.
Someone in my class suggested 3D works might hint at greater complexity.
If you like art you might like the Prinzhorn collection too. It’s all art by people with schizophrenia, in a collection curated by a psychiatrist centuries ago. It’s in Germany.
I would like to go myself one day, but for now I am reading a book about it.
Have a great day. It’s yoga in 45 minutes for me…

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Thanks :slight_smile:
I’ll look it up!

I’m in class atm, you have a great day too :smiley:


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