Can cold medicine be taken with antipsychotics

I got the flu shot a while ago and i have this terrible cold. Can i take antipsychotic medicine with the cold medicine i’m taking already. would it effect me if i take antipsychotics and cold medicine on top of the flu shot.

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I was told no cold meds and limited amounts of Advil or the like. Basically only Tylenol. This is from my pharmacist. I do occasionally take some though.

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There is a cough medicine I was told I could take called guaifenisen. I may have spelled that wrong

I took a huge amount of ephedrine along with the Haldol decoate shot for a couple of years, and it did no immediate damage. I’d take 40 minithins a day, back when those were legal. There is no telling what kind of long term damage it did on my heart and lungs.

You shouldn’t take anti histamines and decongestants with anti psychotics, no.

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I read on the bottle that you can’t.

Geez. This is news to me ! :astonished:

With psych meds you really can only take Tylenol.
At least I do.