Can anyone relate?

I know the brain resets at night during sleep, but I feel like my brain wipes clean. The day is spent re-realizing lessons learned before. Relearning facts about life and my life. Everyday I forget who and what I am. So most days are lived like a blur, sometimes I feel like a zombie, then every now and then out of sheer will, I realize. When that happens I don’t want to go to bed because I know what will happen. I will wake up and have to start all over again. Because of this I am a cancer infecting everyone I encounter.


Have you mentioned this to your pdoc?


Welcome to life. :slight_smile:

Everyone does this.

Things don’t become solid on your mind, a mind without base, collapses everyday, its because of not having good meds or some unsolved complex in your mind,
See what you can do,

I feel like I start as a new person every day. I have to prove myself to everyone I choose to interact with

you should say that to your doctor, it sounds like side effects

It honestly sounds more like retrograde amnesia unless they were talking metaphorically.

Sounds normal , whatever that is…

well, i dont know any famose sz symptom like that, but i know blurt thinking, memory problem all from meds, so either way he need to check it

I mean I’m sure he’s just creatively embellishing, but taken at face value, this doesn’t sound normal at all:

“The day is spent re-realizing lessons learned before. Relearning facts about life and my life. Everyday I forget who and what I am.”

Definitely something he should bring up with his doctor, whatever it is. I sure as hell don’t feel like this every day, or any day at all.


Yeah I suppose you’re right… If he means it literal, but I took it as some days I feel like a zombie type thing.

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Yeah I agree, it’s probably just that.

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YOU ARE NOT A CANCER!! That is a lie! Stop believing it! You are valuable and valued! What you are experiencing can be addressed with meds and therapy! It is not your identity or your contribution to this world! You are so much more than your symptoms and side effects!

Can you believe in your worth?

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I understand. I was very active when i was 3mg/day paliperidone. Now i’m 6mg/day and i feel Zombie again…

I take Depakote 500 mg/ 3x a day. My psych doc never asks me if im experiencing side effects, but recently i was prescribed seroquel for anxiety and the pharmacist said it can cause confusion like depakote. I connected the dots last night and believe depakote is causing my problem. That’s where im goig to start. Counter to what some of you are saying i dont believe what i feel is normal. If anyone has input on a med for bipolar that works for them plz let me know. Thanks for all the responses

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