Can anti skits meds cause pychosis to get worse

Can meds make your sz worse cuz ever since iv took them my voices and delusions have been more aggressive but iv stopped going into trances

What’s trances? For sure meds won’t make it worse if the dose is working.

Trances in like talking to spirits

Yeah sometimes if its not a good med for you it can do the opposite and make your psychosis worse. Ive seen some people on here mentioning that happened to them.

Yeah ever since I took the meds the voices have gotten mean

Yes. Most anticonvulsants/antipsychotics and mood stabilizers cause my dad full blown psychosis, without these meds hes never had full blown psychosis, mostly delusions.

If you’re on the “wrong” med you can become psychotic.
But uncertain about the actual med making you psychotic.
I became unstable on partial dopamine agonists like Abilify and Vraylar.

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What did your psychiatrist tell you about that?

Seroquel does that to me but everyone is different. Geodon works for me though. Zyprexa didn’t work for me either.

You have to try many. Everyone’s chemistry is different.

I have a lot of side effects from Geodon though but it keeps me sane.

No I lowered the meds and I feel better

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