Can a multivitamin raise dopamine?


Can a multivitamin/multimineral raise dopamine ? I have had some sounds in my head lately and I was wondering…


Exercise does, unsure about vitamins.


A good person to ask would be your pharmacist if you don’t want to ask your pdoc.


Vitamins r elements in food
They r if used in limits dont cause inything :grin::grin:


Not quite. Intellectually, question is intriguing, as this gets into medical foods, a prescription product. Vitamins must be chemically altered in the body to become biologically active. As we age, we may lose this ability, and become demented, with an elevation of homocysteine. Active folate and methyl B-12 can restore the balance and improve cognition in these patients, but does not really enhance alertness.


The amounts of vitamins found in multivitamins are fairly small. I’m gonna say “no” at least in the context of in a measurable and medically relevant amount.

You do need some dopamine in your brain for it to function.


I know that it’s just vitamins. But why did my sexual functioning improved while on a multivitamin? I read that Dopamine it’s a happiness hormone… So it might be possible to trigger dopamine I think, I’m not sure


Yes, but minimally


l-tyrosine is the primary precursor to dopamine.

Neurotransmitters are actually proteins. So it’s more about the amino acids. The body really isn’t a 1 to 1 type machine it regulates itself in a lot of ways… what I mean to say is more tyrosine doesn’t directly mean more dopamine. More tyrosine might help the body increase its sense of potential dopamine to make… whether or not it follows through or allows that dopamine to be produced is dependent on homeostatic needs… which is more or less going to follow sedentary or active life patterns of health.

vitamins play a strong part in metabolism and maintenance in the body. Vitamins are essentials that the body cannot produce on it’s own… however they aren’t proteins or amino acids.

So taking your multivitamins may amplify or regulate your chemical processes, but they lack the core components to amplify dopamine.



If you take L-Tyrosine it will! it is the precursor to dopamine, also L-Tryptophan is the precursor to serotonin, if you take then both at the same time you will get a crack-like high-- no joke! I felt so good I almost couldn’t take it! I believe it is safe, they are just amino acids, I haven’t felt any negative effects.


I’m not sure if they can raise dopamine per se but I’m assuming what you want is to feel better. If that’s the case yes, I think multivitamins can help you be nourished and thus reduce the stress the body and mind are experiencing and thus reduce your symptoms a certain percentage. That combined with other things may reduce your stress levels enough to see a notable difference in your mental and emotional health.


Guys a multivitamin can increase dopamine because it contains vitamins B’s like it is said in that link I shared on this thread. I was not sure at first but now I know for sure. Thank you all


Doctors sometimes recommend B vitamins to people with schizophrenia because genetic variants that reduce ability to use those vitamins are more common in schizophrenia.

Pretty sure your multi vitamin is unrelated to your noises, but ask your doctor for reassurance.


No, you can safely take a multivitamin if you have psychosis.